Pride for Trans People

Pride for Trans People


I really dislike Pride. Not because I don’t think we should have a time when we can be openly proud of who we are, but it’s gone from being a riot for rights to an over-commercialised party for the cis gays, and I just can’t be done with it.

Funnily enough, this puts me in a minority.

There are plenty of posts here about how difficult it is to be outwardly trans, so you can read them for that info, but this is more about being outwardly trans specifically at Pride.

Because the amount of stories of trans people being chased out of Pride by cis gays, AND CIS STRAIGHTS BECAUSE OF COURSE THEY HAVE TO BE THERE, really, really upset me.

The Stonewall Riots were started by trans women of colour. Who were then thrown under the bus by the cis gays because the “normal” cis straights thought trans people were “too perverted”.

Thinking about it also makes me very tired, because it’s the same shit over and over again, just this time given a huge price tag and made all shiny so the cis straights will approve.

I saw a brilliant tweet earlier that sums it up; “Now we hold Pride to prove to the cis straights that we won’t eat them”.

I am not here to make cis people feel comfortable at my expense. I am not here to include allies in a community they don’t respect.

I am not here for police at Pride when trans women are still murdered at a disproportionally high rate compared to the rest of society.

I am not here for Pride.


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