Sophie Labelle

Sophie Labelle

[TW transphobia, gas lighting, targeted harassment, nazis]

For those of you who don’t know who Sophie Labelle is, she is the wonderful artist and speaker behind Assigned Male, a comic about a young trans girl that covers many issues of gender and sexuality. You should absolutely check it out.

I’m writing about it now in the worst of circumstances: earlier this week Sophie’s online spaces were hacked and replaced with neo-nazi propaganda, her spaces besot with bigoted images misgendering and gaslighting her trans identity, and worst of all her real life address was posted on several hate forums, with physical threats very prominent.

Sophie has since confirmed via her personal page that she and her flatmate have been able to safely move elsewhere, and are looking into finding somewhere else to love more permanently. She also said that whilst some events have had to be cancelled due to safety concerns, they will be rearranged, and she is not going to stop doing what she does.

This is a horribly stark reminder of what happens to trans people, particularly trans women, on a daily basis. Thankfully Sophie is ok this time, but we can’t be complacent. We can’t sit back and let this continue.

In the short term, you can help Sophie out by supporting her Patreon and continuing to share the Assigned Male comics as she requested. In the long term, listen to trans women, learn from them, amplify their voices if safe, and normalise trans identity.


We can’t let the bastards win.


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