The Fascists Came For Me 

The Fascists Came For Me 

[TW transphobia, abuse, gaslighting]

I am aware that on the grand scale of things I am but a small fish in a very queer ocean, but apparently this last week I have done enough to get the attention of the fascists.

It started off with them posting pictures of me to each other’s twitter handles, then copying me in as they ridiculed my gender, my weight, my name, my mental health. And it was rather easy to block them in swift succession. Reported them too.

Then a bunch of them went to my YouTube and posted very boring comments on my poetry videos and the videos to go with blog posts on here, saying things about me being a “special snowflake” (their favourite term), and gaslighting what I was talking about.

They were blocked and reported too.

Then one told me they were working behind the scenes to find me and “touch” me irl. The silly part of me imagined this as some Spencer-alike running up to me in the street, putting a finger on my arm then Nazi-saluting their victory to their friends. But I know what they meant.

Luckily my info was easy to lock down, and nothing more seems to have come of it.

Until my friend told me there have been pictures of me posted on Reddit, with calls for information about my offline. Naturally when I reported this I got told there was no proof, so it’s still there.

This is the biggest problem: every single person I reported for transphobia, gaslighting, threatening me with actual physical violence is still online and planning attacks on other people with no repercussions.

The worst twitter does is ask someone to delete the tweet that was reported. Because that’s a punishment.

Like I said, I am a very small fish in a very large queer ocean, but if they can come for me so hard and in those numbers, I shudder to think what they’d do to someone with a bigger public image.

Keep your folks safe. 


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