Trans deaths

Trans deaths

[TW death, violence, transphobia, abuse]

So far this year, in the U.S. we have lost 6 trans folks. 2 this week alone in New Orleans, 3 this week, and 5 trans women of colour this year.

It is the 3rd of March at time of posting this.

in 2017 there were 27 reported trans murders, almost all of them people of colour, and a large majority black trans women.

This is fucking atrocious.

And I’m not here to say that trans deaths hold more weight than anyone else, but statistically the number of trans people who will be abused, sexually assaulted, die by suicide or murdered is astonishingly high.

It is because we are not normalised.

We are still treated like freaks at the best of times, and as less than human at the worst. And the heartbreaking thing is, the statistics I’ve quoted above is for trans folks who are correctly identified in death. We don’t know the true number of trans folks who are buried under the wrong name and gender.

So when trans people seem angry, or we always seem to be grieving, this is why. Don’t tell us to toughen up and get on with it, don’t belittle our experiences. I know as a white trans guy I am in much less danger than my black trans sisters, but I mourn them and fear for them just the same.

It’s time we stop seeing these shocking and wasteful deaths, and get to celebrate trans lives for a change.


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