LGBT+ History Month

LGBT+ History Month

So this month is LGBT+ History Month.

It’s falling in a time where by merely existing we are performing a radical act, and by speaking out we’re causing a revolution.

Let’s keep that momentum going.

There are hashtags on twitter such as #LGBTHM17 and #LGBTheritage that you should check out, there will be lots of folks posting important pieces there. Do take the time to look for info on twitter, because even if you don’t fall under the LGBT+ umbrella, you should know these things.

There are various events going on around the world too, look out for ones near you, and if you believe you can attend, do. Again, if you’re not LGBT+ yourself make sure you voice doesn’t drown out the voices of those who are, but do go to these events.

Pay attention, because if you can’t do it this month when we are literally screaming it from the rooftops, we can’t trust you to do it the rest of the year.

These are scary times though: various governments are doing their best to ensure LGBT+ folks get their rights revoked, and we all need safety and comfort. Make sure you don’t put your friends in dangerous situations, be there to comfort them even if you don’t fully understand the struggle, and educate yourself. This last one is important, because whilst this fight is going on and in a month where a lot of painful history is brought up to remind us where we’ve come from, chances are your friends are going to be too exhausted to teach you.

Besides, you’re adults, use a damn search engine.

It’s a month of learning and resistance. You’ll find me down on the front lines.


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