Trans Kids

Trans Kids

[TW abuse, transphobia, misgendering, suicide]

We’ve all seen the furore over the BBC “documentary” about Trans Kids, right? I’m not linking to it here because attack pieces like that shouldn’t be encouraged.

There are plenty of pieces explaining why it was a disaster, and I suggest you read them (and avoid anything the Telegraph put out).

The two biggest problems that came out of this “documentary” are:

  1. Kenneth Zucker, their expert who was kicked out of his clinic for abusive practices, is a man who in the past has advocated gay reparative therapy, believed that kids couldn’t know their gender at such a young age, and part of his practice was repeatedly shaming the naked bodies of his young trans parents.
  2. Certain newspapers have jumped on the chance to spread the myth that trans kids are just autistic kids who are confused.

Sadly, as is the way in the world, Kenneth Zucker is not alone in his beliefs about best practice for young kids, but he is one of the better known thanks to having his clinic shut down – a fact a lot of the BBC promotional material for the “documentary” failed to mention, by the way -so why is he being paid to comment here? Why is someone who has been accused of abuse, who advocated for damaging “therapy” that has been proven to contribute to an increased rate of suicide amongst LGBT+ youth, being given airtime and treated as an authority?

Not that the BBC has been impartial or fair lately.

The most worrying part is this spreading of the myth that all trans kids are autistic. Yes, there is a higher prevalence of trans identities amongst autistic individuals, but not every autistic person is trans, and not every trans person is autistic. What this does is allow people to disregard their child’s identity whilst further bothering autistic people.

Which is disgusting.

The biggest kicker of this whole thing is that the information is out there, if the BBC really wanted to make an informed, impartial documentary about trans kids they had all the tools at their disposal. Naturally, the BBC paymasters (we all know who they are) are the sort of people who think trans people are less than human, and so we have this mess on tv.

Kids know who they are. Kids are a lot smarter than we believe them to be. Believe them when they tell you who they are.



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