Slightly happier post today, because even I don’t believe the world is all doom and gloom, contrary to what my twitter feed might have you believe.

Being acknowledged as the correct gender feels fucking awesome. 

2 anecdotes from this morning that made me super happy.


I had to get the 6:50am train for an appointment that never happened.


I am never fit to be out in public so early, so I got my seat on the train, put my headphones in and dozed off.

I was woken up by a very angry old lady throwing my bag at me, and then throwing herself into the seat beside me. She say muttering to herself whilst trying to occupy both seats (I’m a big guy, it wasn’t happening), and when the conductor came past, she complained that my shoulders were too broad, and that I should move seats.

That part made me cross. The conductor’s reply made her my new hero:

“I’m sorry,  but the gentleman was on the train before you. There are plenty of empty seats in the next carriage, you can move there.”

I’ve never been called a gentleman before.

The little old lady then proceeded to be transphobic, so the conductor came back and told her she could leave the train if she continued to be abusive towards me.

I don’t know your name, wonderful conductor, but thank you. 

The second was the first time I’ve been comfortable being approached by a random man in public.

I went to a certain coffee shop for breakfast (I have a reusable cup, I feel awful getting disposable Ines), and so I had to give my name with my order. I then had the following conversation with the Random Business Dude behind me.

RBD: Sorry, did you say your name is Teddy?

Me: yes.

RBD: That’s unusual. Why that name?

Me: *annoyed* because the universe thinks I’m awesome.

RBD: *Pauses* I like you. *to the barista* the lad’s coffee’s on me. 

We then shared a table for ten minutes until I had to go to the appointment that never happened. It was a complete Random Act of Kindness, but it really made my day.

Also it turned out the RBD was also called Teddy, so now we’re BFFs.

It may seem silly to some people that I’m celebrating such tiny RAKs, but in a world that constantly denies your existence, a little happiness goes a long way. 


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