A Working Definition of Trans

A Working Definition of Trans

It occurred to me when I was looking over posts last night that I have never actually come up with a working definition of trans as it pertains tinny blog.

Maybe should fix that.

Let’s get a couple of dictionary definitions first.

From Dictionary.com: a prefix meaning “on the other side of,” referring to the misalignment of one’s gender identity with one’s biological sex assigned at birth.

From the Cambridge dictionary (ignore that they have equated gender to sex, I’ll unpick that in another post): used to describe someone who feels that they are not the same gender (= sex) as the physical body they was born with, or who does not fit easily into being either a male or a female:

a trans woman/man

a trans model

people who are trans

Most of the dictionary definitions are similar to these, when they aren’t outright insisting it should be transgender.

And this is where I run into problems.

Transgender, as the name implies, is someone who moves to the opposite gender to the one they were assigned at birth. It buys into that awful gender binary I’ve been yelling about for ever. In fact, in a post over on the other blog, I put transgender under the non-binary umbrella.

Probably should have explained why.

Transgender is a term often applied to people who are binary and non-binary trans by people who are not. It has become the umbrella term that trans should be, and so now I’m in a campaign to get them switched.

Trans feels like a more comfortable label to me, because it doesn’t come with the binary gender baggage that transgender does. Because there are a lot of people who identity as trans who are non-binary. 

In short, my working definition of trans is anyone who feels they do not belong to the gender binary, and is comfortable to label themselves as such.

Consent is important in this.

So yeah, when I yell about being trans, in my case it means I am someone who doesn’t identify with the gender they were assigned at birth, and doesn’t fit the gender binary either.

Other folx’ experiences will vary. 


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