[TW slurs, transphobia, rape]

I’m not going to talk about Tr*mp, other than to say his policies are going to have an extreme impact on American trans folx, who are no longer going to have ready access to the medications, therapies and services they need. If you can find a way to help a trans friend, do it. Look after them, love them, and let’s not let them become statistics in the fallout of all of this.

Now, on to today’s topic: TERFs.

TERF stands for Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist, which basically means they are people who claim to be feminists, and maybe are in some ways, but they will deny the right to exist of trans people, and actively speak against them.

Here’s a few examples of the sort of thing TERFs do.

This also links into White Feminism, which I talked about here.

TERFs also tend to get a lot of coverage, air time and books published. You’ll recognise some of these names:

  • Germaine Greer
  • Caitlin Moran
  • Julie Bindel

They are the sort of people who say trans women are just men who want to rape women, that trans men are deluded and should be pitied, that your genitalia defines your gender, and that they are perfectly entitled to shout this view over the top of you as loud as they want.

In a climate of fear and danger, when it is incredibly difficult for trans people to just be, seeing this repeatedly in the media and on social media is fucking depressing. We are made to feel less than human just for being, and it adds to a whole mess of shit thoughts and feelings.

We need to stop giving these people space, we need to stop celebrating their work, and we need to start replacing their bile with authentic voices.

Because as much as I love my cis friends, remember you can’t speak to being trans, just like I can’t really speak to being cis. Give us the respect we deserve.



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