Gendered Clothing

Gendered Clothing

Have you all seen this little girl tearing apart gendered clothing this week?

She is all kinds of rad.

The thing is, society still has this thing for gendering clothing, and it is often trans folx that get it the worst when it comes to criticism and ridicule.

I’ve had plenty of “conversations” at checkouts about how kind it is of me to be buying shirts or jumpers for my boyfriend whenever I’ve picked up clothes that were in the “men’s” section.

A good friend of mine nearly talked himself out of buying a gorgeous skirt he really wanted because of internalised biases telling him he couldn’t have it because he’s a boy.

Trans women have it worst of all: they contort themselves so they can carry off the ridiculous standards we hold women to, and yet we still subject them to violence for trying to be their authentic selves.

Besides, a lot of the standards we hold these days are very recent prejudices anyway: pink was always seem as a colour for boys, as it was a derivative of red, which was seen as a manly, strong colour. Blue was for girls as they were delicate like cornflowers.

Heeled shoes have gone in and out of fashion throughout the ages, for men and women. Make up and wigs too, the Georgians in particular being fans of them to help cover up a multitude of health sins.

The thing is, gender is an expression, and why should we police the way people express themselves? We celebrate boys who want to dance, girls who are “brave enough” to go into STEM jobs, yet the minute a girl wants to wear a suit or a boy a dress we start casting aspersions about their sexuality, or more often their pervertedness.

All gender expressions are valid: it doesn’t matter if you’re a trans boy wearing make-up, a femme lesbian who decides to wear a suit, your gender is valid.

Even kids know it’s ridiculous, so isn’t about time we just stopped?


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