[CW genitalia, dysphoria]

I don’t know why, but whenever I look up stuff about packing, it makes me smile.

Packing, in trans terms, is when trans guys use a prosthetic to give the appearance of having a penis.

This can be for several reasons:

  1. It can ease dysphoria: for some trans guys, the lack of a bulge in their trousers can be a source of discomfort in regards to their gender.
  2. As preparation for bottom surgery: important to note that not all trans guys want or will have bottom surgery, but a prosthetic device can be useful in preparing someone for the experience of having said genitalia.
  3. Societal pressure. Not going to lie, sometimes it is the easiest way to get society to stop questioning our gender and accepting that we’re guys.

There have been great developments in the different materials and model types of packers in the last 5 years or so, and it is now possible to have packers for all sorts of purposes, from merely giving the appearance of the penis to actually functioning like a penis, at least in terms of urination.

They are available in different colours and sizes, so chances are there is a model out there to fit most tastes.

HOWEVER, it is not necessary or required for trans guys to pack. It is also rude to ask about a trans fiend’s packer if they haven’t brought it into conversation before. It is also rude to check out a trans dude’s groin to see if you can tell he’s packing. Don’t do it folx, you’ll likely get a hiding for your troubles.

Like binders, packers can be an important part of a trans guys’ arsenal, and so it’s nice to see that there are several companies providing these cool little devices.

If anyone’s curious to see more, this site has several different models to look at.


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